The voting registration deadline is quickly approaching for Montana’s primary elections. Missoula Elections Coordinator Rebecca Connors explains.

“For the primary, voters need to be registered to vote by the close of registration which is May 9, at 5 p.m.," said Connors. “We also have primary absentee ballots mailing on May 13. Following the 13th, voter should start to see those if they signed up for vote by mail, or absentee status. They should start to see those ballots arriving in their mail boxes.”

According to Connors, two polling locations will be different this year due to construction on those sites.

“The Missoula County Public School District has two locations, Franklin School and Lowell School are both going under immense construction this year so we will not be able to use them as polling locations," Connors said. "Just for this year, we have temporarily reassigned the Franklin School to the Life Long Learning Center and the Lowell School is being reassigned to the Burns Street Bistro.”

Voters who miss the deadline can apply for late registration anytime between May 10 and Election Day at the Missoula County Fair Grounds.