Those who fought for our freedoms have something special waiting for them, and just in time for the Independence Day celebrations. The Veterans Meat Locker is doing a meat giveaway in the Billings Heights on Saturday, July 3rd.

What is the Veterans Meat Locker?

They're an incredible group of veterans who started an organization that provides free, processed wild and domestic meat for veterans and their family. They cover the processing fees and pick up the meat that is donated by hunters and ranchers across Montana. They've done several of these meat giveaways all across Montana.

What kind of meat are we talking about?

We're talking great Montana beef, elk, venison, bison, pork--you name it, and these guys practically have it in the bag of meat that they will hand you at one of their Veteran Meat Locker giveaways.

Where will the Veterans Meat Locker crew be in the Heights?

  • July 3rd
  • 10am to 3pm
  • 2376 Main St. in the Heights (Up by Bull Mountain Grill)

Who qualifies for meat from the Veterans Meat Locker?

If you are a service member, no matter your discharge, branch, era, deployed or not, Reserves or National Guard, you qualify. All family members of service members qualify as well. Please bring proof of service (DD-214, VA card, any paperwork showing you served or are related to a service member). REMEMBER that this is not a handout but rather a thank you from awesome hunters and ranchers throughout Montana.


Credit Veterans Meat Locker
Credit Veterans Meat Locker
Credit Veterans Meat Locker
Credit Veterans Meat Locker
Credit Veterans Meat Locker


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