It's been awhile since I've talked about my workout regimen. At first it seemed like I lost a lot of weight. I was doing daily cardio at Billings Athletic Club and dropped 15 pounds (from 245 to 230) in my first 5 weeks. Over the next 3 months I dropped another 10 pounds despite adding a weightlifting program to my workout. I've been told that I might have slowed my weight loss by adding muscle but at the rate I was working out I would have had to add 10 pounds of muscle in those 3 months which is possible but doubtful. Over the next two months I was only able to shed about another 3 pounds and it seemed like I was stuck at 217 pounds forever.

The trainers at Billings Athletic Club told me I needed to constantly make little changes to my workout routine or my body would get used to what I was doing and limit its effectiveness. So I changed my cardio from a flat level to what is called High Intensity Interval Training. That's where for instance if you choose a hill climb program on an exercise bike it takes you through peaks and valley's with short periods of very strenuous work then eases up for a bit only to make you strain again. I also found the level I was at was becoming too easy so I kicked it up a level. Since making those changes about a month ago I've dropped another 5 pounds and I'm down to 212 lbs... the lightest I've been since 1999. Riding your bike around some of the great trails we have here in the Magic City would do the trick too.

I don't plan to stop until I have the body of the guy in the picture above! Now if only people would stop bringing donuts to work. Lol.