Same-sex marriage is the main talk around the water cooler.  Laurel family meets up with a grizzly at Yellowstone.  School District 2 will meet tonight and will hopefully decide what the name of the new West End Middle School will be called.  News 1:  Big day in history on Fridaywhen the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of same sex marriage for all 50 states.  Billings perspective and your opinions on the Billings Morning News this morning.

News 2:  A Laurel family recently had a close encounter with a grizzly bear while leaving the park.

News 3:  The three top names being considered as the name for Billings new West End Middle School are, Rimview, Jeanette Rankin or Ben Steele Middle School.  There is a meeting to decide tonight with SD2.  Earlier this month the board did decide on Wildcats as the mascot and the school colors will be green, gold and white.