Andy's Bar robbed in the middle of the day!  Billings jury finds 30 year old Todd Johnson guilty for assaulting a 24 year old female in her basement.  Triple digit heat on the way to Billings!  News 1:  Normally bar and casino robberies happen in the dark of night.  Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. that all changed as Andy's Bar in downtown Billings was held up at gunpoint for $600!

News 2:  Todd Johnson was convicted of assaulting a Billings woman in her basement in May of 2014.  Johnson will now face more charges in multiple trial coming up including felony family member assault and felony assault with a weapon.

News 3:  The National Weather Service is forecasting a heat wave for Billings over the next 5 days.  95 to 100 plus temperatures will be logged as highs in Billings.  Listen for tips on how to handle the heat safely on the Billings Morning News.