A little taser fun with Mayor Hanel this morning!  Fire watch around Billings.  A wildfire sparked near Ballantine on Tuesday, July 7th.  A pay raise may go through for Yellowstone County Officials!  News 1:  A town in Iowa is holding a taser fundraiser that involves their mayor.  I wonder if Billings Mayor, Tom Hanel would partake in a fundraiser and get tasered?

News 2:  Worden Fire received a call at about 2:30 p.m. on July 7th of a 10 acre barley fire.  Did you see the smoke?  Five hours later crews were still mopping up the fire.

News 3:  A proposed 2.5 pay increase for Yellowstone County officials would increase the pay of eight elected officials including the county auditor, clerk of district court, clerk and recorder, three commissioners, sheriff and the treasurer.