Dead body found on North 24th in Billings.  Gay marriage ban will remain in Montana's constitution. Judge has ordered a halt to death penalty proceedings of inmate convicted of killing a Billings woman.  News 1:  The Sage Apartments at the 100 block of North 24th in Billings was the scene of a dead body found on the morning of June 30th.  Billings Police said they are investigating the death as a suicide.

News 2:  The language in Montana's constitution about banning gay marriage will remain until a voter referendum is held to have it removed.  In 2004 a Montana gay marriage ban was approved by voters by a 2-1 margin.

News 3:  Lisa Marie Kimmell was murdered by Dale Wayne Eaton back in 1988.  A stay has been granted to Eaton on halting proceedings of the death penalty due to Eaton's declining health issues.