The trend toward living in smaller spaces has become a lifestyle choice and a reality TV obsession.  Living in tiny homes that may can be collapsed and moved with the click of a button is one of the fads, and some of those unique spaces are around Billings.  The HGTV series Tiny House Hunters will air tonight at 9 p.m., showing a little bit of the Billings tiny living community and their unique homes, according to Eco-Built Homes Distributor Ben Hahn.

These much smaller homes are compact, Eco-friendly and portable.  Hahn says the homes run on 50 AMPS, no propane and are all electrical.  The Montana home appearing on the show, is just 307 square feet.  For $40,000, you can have a tiny pad with full-sized appliances found in any home, along with a house you can have for life.  Hahn says the homes can sustain 90-mile per hour winds.