Three Montanans are on a prestigious short-list of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” after a publication in December by Clarivate Analytics. University of Montana Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship Scott Whittenburg explains the rigor behind the research.

"It is related to the number of publications that they do, but the part I like is it is the number of citations that other faculty members around the country and around the world when they refer back to that publication from one of our faculty members,” said Whittenburg. “It shows the broad reaching impact of the research that these two faculty members have had around the world.”

Of the three Montanans that made the list, two are professors at the University of Montana.

“Ragan Callaway is within our UM Division of Biological Sciences,” Whittenburg said. “He is internationally recognized for invasive species. Steve Running is the other and he is within a combination of DBS and Forestry. He is known for his work in climate change.”

Michael Schwartz, the other Montanan to make the list also has ties to UM. Though he works at the U.S. Forest Service’s National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation he is an adjunct at UM’s Wildlife Biology Program.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Whittenburg
Photo Courtesy of Scott Whittenburg