A citizen patrol is attempting to counter the lack of law enforcement in Pryor.  Police patrols are irregular and residents can wait 45 minutes or longer for officers to respond, whether they report a petty theft or a homicide.  But Cary Lance started making nightly armed patrols and a grassroots movement known as the Arrow Creek Community Watch has grown, motivated in July 2015 by the murders of Jason and Tana Shane.

Lance has equipped his truck with an emergency band scanner and a two-meter radio so he can relay information when he’s in the many areas of the Crow Reservation without cell service.  He patrols heavily armed, with a tactical vest carrying three spare 30-round magazines.  While people appreciate the volunteer patrols, not everyone is thrilled about Lance carrying guns.  Tribal leaders have concerns, but Lance said he isn’t acting as a vigilante. He grabs the radio before the rifle.