A Yellowstone Prequel? And, What About Season 4?
Kelly in Glasgow told me I really needed to watch the show, so I caved. And I gotta be honest- now that and Stranger Things 4 are about the only things I am looking forward to watching another season of. I saw the news that apparently a Yellowstone "prequel" is going to be coming out.
Does Hollywood Get a Pass, Even in Montana?
If it is something you as normal everyday Montanans want to do, it draws scrutiny. We were lectured about not travelling for Thanksgiving, yet if anyone else floods into Montana from elsewhere- those same officials don't seem that concerned.
The People Were Heard: Road to Cooke City Open
The people were definitely heard on this one. As we mentioned last week, KULR-8 reporter Luke Laster traveled to Cooke City to interview business owners who described being shut off from the rest of Montana. Then, a young man from Bozeman was arrested for attempting to drive to Cooke City.

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