TUESDAY: Montana’s Worst Air Quality Locations
The heat and the haze continue for the entire state of Montana this week. Air Quality Index numbers certainly fluctuate but at this point we're fluctuating between levels of 'bad'. Where are the hot spots today for poor air quality?
New Outdoor Gear Business Launches Storefront in Whitefish
Techmanski's entirely American-made product line switched gears during the COVID-19 shutdowns to make hospital gowns. They're now continuing to provide much-needed gear for our health care workers, but in addition they've also now fully launched their outdoor gear. They even have a st…
Mask Argument in Whitefish: Window Smashed, Charges Filed
What did we say earlier this week? Whether you agree with the mask order or not, whether you wear a mask or not- just don't be a jerk. And while Montana's law enforcement community has spoken out loud and clear that you won't be arrested or cited for violating the governors face mask …

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