Gas Prices Slowly Rise in Montana While Diesel Drops
Gas prices are still rising in Montana, but at an extremely slow rate says Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan.
"It was a quiet week for prices in Montana, inching forward by about a penny in the last week," said Dehaan. "Prices currently stand at $2...
How Could Team USA Lose To The Belgians?
I realize that soccer is about 18th on the priority list of most important sports to Americans but understand something... just shy of 320 million people live in the United States and only 11 million live in Belgium.
‘Suits’ Season 2 Return Trailer: The Law of the Jungle
Despite the fact that USA seems to have undergone a brutal run of cancellations in 2012 -- including everything from 'Common Law' to 'Fairly Legal,' dropping 'Political Animals,' and the likely upcoming ends of 'Burn Notice' and 'Psych' -- we're glad to have 'Suits' coming back in the mix with plent…
Stephen Root Joins ‘Justified’ Creator’s USA Pilot
Chances are, you've seen Stephen Root in a dozen of TV's most talked about shows within the last few years. In addition to his role as a regular voice actor on 'King of the Hill,' Root has gone on to appear in everything from 'True Blood' to 'Justified' to his most recent role on 'Boardwalk Empire' …

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