Steve Bullock

Mr. Anti Super PAC Now Helps Run a Super PAC
Montana's former liberal Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) loved to campaign against Super PAC's and so-called "dark money" in politics. So what is one of the first gigs he takes after leaving the governor's mansion and falling short in the US Senate race in Montana? He takes a gig …
No Capitol Christmas Tree, Bullock Admin Blames COVID
"COVID starts fires and kills Christmas trees now? Holey moley." That was one reaction to the news that Montana won't have a Christmas tree in the state capitol in Helena this year. Another commenter called it Bullock's "final little FU on the way out the door."
Daines Brings the Heat in Final Senate Debate
Montana's Republican Senator Steve Daines came out swinging in the third and final debate, with fresh attacks on Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock. Daines specifically questioned Bullock on why he forced his female lieutenant governor out of office. Bullock, of course, never answered nor was asked by…
Bullock's Buddy "Hanoi Jane" Fonda Calls COVID a "Gift"
Liberal Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) has been politicizing the pandemic back here in Montana. He's also been raising money with his buddy "Hanoi Jane" Fonda to support his run for the US Senate. That's why it was even more telling to see Jane Fonda calling the coronavirus a &quo…

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