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Big Sky to Bolivia: Montanans Powering a Village
Normally at this time of year, these Montanans are battling subzero temperatures to keep the lights on for us back here in Montana. Now, they're in the opposite of extremes- with high temperatures, high humidity, sunburns, and bodies covered in bug bites- not to mention a long day of hard work.…
Glasgow Native Named MECA CEO
He's the new power behind the folks that do more than keep the lights on for you. Glasgow native Gary Wiens was just named CEO of the Montana Electric Cooperative Association (MECA).
Montana Legislative Guides, App Now Available
You know it's gonna happen. You're going to hear about a bill that you either support or oppose, and you will immediately want to contact your legislator. So, what's their number? What's their email? Check this out from the Montana Electric Cooperatives Association: