McCandless Retires Today
Q2 reports Billings City Administrator Bruce McCandless celebrated his retirement on Thursday afternoon, and will officially retire as the city’s chief administrator today. McCandless has held several jobs with the city over the years and has been the interim city administrator since…
Billings FD Chief Retires July 5
The Gazette reports that Billings Fire Chief Paul Dextras will retire on Wednesday, July 5 after nine years in that position.  Assistant Fire Chief Bill Rash will become the interim chief until a permanent successor for Dextras is chosen by the new city administrator, whom the City Council will…
Who's Going to Pay the Bill?
This morning we had gubernatorial. candidate Greg Gianforte on the show and I asked him what we are going to do about our $4 billion shortfall in the state retirement system.
One Of Montana's Finest Retires
Detective Keith Buxbaum, a Sidney, Montana native, is retiring today after more than 30 years of service to the Billings Police Department.
Detective Buxbaum moved to Billings Montana in 1981 to become an officer at the Billings Police Department...