rabbi chaim bruk

Open Letter: Bozeman Rabbi's Message to His Daughter
The rabbi shared some great wisdom and insight during the midst of this coronavirus crisis. He also told us about a letter that he penned for his two year old little girl, so that one day she can look back on this Passover and know what her father learned amidst the sacrifice and the turmoil.
AUDIO: Bozeman's Rabbi Chaim Checks in from AIPAC
Over 20,000 are gathered in Washington, DC for the AIPAC conference currently underway in our nation's capital. Rabbi Chaim Bruk heads up the synagogue in Bozeman, Montana and is there for the event. We caught up with him on Tuesday's Montana Talks. Check out the audio below:
Montana Campaign in Memory of Pittsburgh’s Jews
For those of you who have had the privilege of hearing our good friend Rabbi Chaim Bruk join us on our Montana Talks statewide radio show, he is launching a new effort across the state to help honor the memories of the Jewish people murdered at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.