Montana Primary Races
Montana voters went for underdog Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday with results announced after most major news outlets had anointed Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.  Montana added to Donald Trump’s Republican delegate count with all 27 GOP delegate…
Primary Battle Set in Montana
While Montana won’t get to vote until June, Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch said the state will have its fair share of contested primaries.
Montana Democrats Explain State Superdelegate Rules
As the primary race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton heats up, many Democrats are starting to question an aspect of their party’s primary process that allows some delegates to choose a candidate regardless of how their state votes...
Does MT's Primary Vote Matter?
The party primaries are extremely complicated, but it's pretty obvious that for Republicans and Democrats, Montana has few votes and has to wait till last to make its point... do we even matter in the whole scheme of things?