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Charlie Kirk Headlining Event at Montana State
Charlie Kirk is one of the most popular young conservative activists in the country. Is the Turning Point USA founder headlining an event at Montana State University? Check out the April 18th event just added to the Turning Point USA-Montana State Facebook page.
MSUB Both Building for Science
Meanwhile, on another Billings college campus, Montana State University-Billings is also planning to build a new science facility, as university officials announced earlier this month they’d received enough money through donations and additional support to pay for the $15 million str…
MSU Opens $18 Million Dining Facility on Campus
An $18 million dining facility for Montana State University? To put that in perspective, as one friend pointed out on Facebook, that is nearly the entire amount of money that is brought in by the state of Montana's 6-mill levy which is on the ballot this November.
MSUB Science Building
Montana State University in Billings reports they have raised enough money to build a new science building. Officials announced on Monday the received the $500,000 donation from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, which completes a five-year effort to raise $15 million for the new facility…

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