Congratulations, You Are Rich!
When discussing the Montana tax policy with Dan Fuchs, our Daniel Zolnikov gave the minimum individual net annual income for the top bracket of 6.9%. And the figure just leaped out to me.
Crow Tribe Reviewing U.S. Audit
Montana’s Crow Indian Tribe says it’s reviewing a U.S. audit saying it misused $4.8 million intended for water system improvements and can’t fully account for an additional $7.8 million paid to subcontractors and vendors. The government findings releas…
A hungry child and 60 cents
For most of you that truly know me, I generally don't rant on social media or in my blog very often. However, today will be a little different.
Let me ask this question: If your child attends classes in School District 2 and they eat hot lunch, would you be upset or confused if the lunch la…

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