michael bloomberg

Candidate: "Absolutely Catastrophic" if Polls Open for Election
The same people who tell you that it's safe to pack in to a Wal Mart are now telling you that it's not safe enough to vote on election day in Montana. The same people that tell you to shut up and wear your mask because "masks work" are the same people who are telling you that it would be “absolutely catastrophic” if voters were allowed to vote in person on election day.
Bloomberg-Backed Groups Prompting Billings Walkout
A gun control group funded by former NYC mayor and media billionaire Michael Bloomberg is behind the effort to stage a student walkout from the Billings schools. This idea would have been mocked just days ago as conspiracy theory, but now is documented that the Bloomberg-backed "Moms Demand Action" is behind efforts to get students to stage a walkout, even right here in Montana.