Mat Best

Another Epic Black Rifle Coffee Company Video
It starts off with thermal black and white imagery of a tactical team fast-roping into the Bass Pro Shop location. Once Mat Best and his team secure the target- the Black Rifle Coffee- the lights go on, and the battle royale ensues. I think for this one, the kids playing the roles of the rabid hound…
How I'm Staying in Shape from Home Here in Montana
I've always worked out, but I also like to joke that, as a combat veteran, I suffer from Post Deployment Celebration Disorder. I end up eating or drinking too much, especially after getting home from a deployment. Thankfully, I've figured out how to shed that post deployment weight gain, a…
Memorial Day Show: Mat Best Joins Us on Montana Talks
Ask your veterans friends if they've ever heard of Mat Best, Range 15, and the Black Rifle Coffee Company. They will likely scream out "Yes!," and then bust out laughing as they try to explain the hilarious videos Best and his team have compiled over the years.