Ten Commandments Pulled Down in Kalispell, Arrest Made
The craziness has unfortunately made its way to Montana. Over the weekend, a man in Kalispell reportedly used his pickup truck to tear down a Ten Commandments monument.
We've been watching as extremists, rioters, and protesters have been tearing down or attempting to tear down monuments and stat…
UPDATE: MT Veterans Home Facing Challenges with Meat Supply
The administrator for the Montana Veterans Home is clarifying that while the veterans home is facing some challenges with their supply of meat- they currently have their normal food supply on stock. Underdahl also tells us that the veterans home doesn't have "the current need or space to s…
COVID-19 Antibody Testing Available in Montana [AUDIO]
Foultner tells us that they have antibody tests available for anyone who wants one. Patients can call and schedule an appointment for a standard blood draw. The tests cost $175, but they are being told that it should be a reimbursable expense by the insurance companies.
With Theaters Closed, Small Towns Break Out the Popcorn
You gotta love Montana...we're gonna figure out some way to get together. We're also gonna figure out anyway to support our small businesses in the middle of these coronavirus shutdowns. And let's be honest- when it comes to the movie theaters...we all just really miss that dripping w…

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