Joe Biden

The Epic Matt Gaetz Speech in Bozeman, Montana [VIDEO]
If you saw Congressman Matt Gaetz on The View this week, you gotta see this hilarious speech in Montana last Fall where he took on "the reverend" Al Sharpton, "the Venezuela wing of the Democrat party," and also foreshadowed the eventual demise of the Joe Biden presidential campa…
Diamond & Silk Rocked The House in Montana [AUDIO]
They also slammed the Democrat party as the party of slavery, the KKK, and segregation. They added that Democrats are turning their backs on African Americans, and that's why the Democrats support illegal immigration- so they can bring in more voters.
Steve Bannon LIVE on Montana Talks: Joe Biden and China
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was already going after Joe Biden for his alleged shady dealings with China while serving as Vice President. But then Biden was on the campaign trail in Iowa, and got caught on camera downplaying the China threat. Listen as Steve Bannon joined us live…
A Montana Republican's Defense of Joe Biden
"At age 33, I had been a life-long Republican. I worked for, what many might describe as the “dark side and/or Darth Vaders of politics”, including George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin. I was conservative in my upbringing, values, and beliefs. I stayed true to those feelin…

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