I Was Wrong, Are You Too?
My wife and I were going through Facebook and came across this article. There's a list of phrases in this. Ironically, I have been using most of these in the wrong way all of my life.
Under That Big Montana Sky [Video]
When I was growing up, one of the biggest hits and one of my favorite songs on the radio was Dan Seals and Marie Osmond's "Meet Me In Montana."
My mom and I would sing our hearts out to this song as we drove into town and it would come on the radio...
Have You Seen Weird Creatures in Montana?
One show that I really like to watch is Mysteries At The Museum on the Travel Channel. I really enjoy history, especially when it has to do with some sort of a strange story.
I happened to be going through their website when I came across THIS STORY that came right out of Montana...
Montana is Best Known for This 'Food?'
There are a lot of states in this country that are known for some sort of food.
Being raised in Idaho and then branching out all of the country, it was rare to go anywhere and not have someone say they enjoy our potatoes.
When I lived in Tennessee it was all about the BBQ...
Montana's Most Haunted Location
As you may have known from Halloween, I am one for the paranormal. It's something that has intrigued me for a while now. In fact, one of my wife's and my favorite thing to do on a Friday night is pull in the marathons of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel...

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