heidi paulson

Young Man's Memorial Day Taps Heard Across Billings
What a great tribute by this young man for our fallen warriors on Memorial Day. Heidi Paulson sent us the above note on Memorial Day. She said she was outside doing yard work near 58th and Grand Avenue in Billings and could hear the young man playing Taps "loud and clear."
Legislation Backing First Responders Stalled in House
For the past few weeks, impeachment supporters in the US House of Representatives have been telling us that they can do both- they can focus on the impeachment proceedings, and they can work on important legislation. Then why is a bill supporting wounded first responders languishing in the Pelosi-co…
Montana Woman Fights for Wounded First Responders
Even with his lights on and siren blaring, a car T-boned him at 50 miles an hour. The impact threw him into a nearby ditch and caused a brain injury, broken ribs, a fractured skull and kidney, a crushed leg, collapsed lung, perforated diaphragm and — the most critical — a transected ao…