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Student March Saturday
Q2 reports that students will rally in Billings this Saturday in response to the 17 victims killed in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day, as part of the “March for Our Lives” movement. It is expected that more than 800 similar events will take place nati…
Billings Teachers Unarmed
Q2 reports that it’s unlikely Billings Public School will arm teachers amid a national discussion to protect students, but instead will continue adding student resource officers to patrol schools.
SD2 Superintendent Terry Bouck told the Board of Trustees that a company would help trai…
Gun Owners of America on Montana Talks Thursday
Coming up on Thursday's "Montana Talks" radio show with Aaron Flint: as the gun control debate heats up on Capitol Hill, and anti-gun front groups push a school walkout in Billings- we'll talk with Tim Macy from the Gun Owners of America. Plus, over $300,000 in settlements with s…
Full Video: Bullock and Trump at White House
During Tuesday's "Montana Talks" radio show with Aaron Flint, we played audio of a portion of Gov. Steve Bullock's interaction with President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday. Full transcript and video is below.
Bloomberg-Backed Groups Prompting Billings Schools Walkout
A gun control group funded by former NYC mayor and media billionaire Michael Bloomberg is behind the effort to stage a student walkout from the Billings schools.

This idea would have been mocked just days ago as conspiracy theory, but now is documented that the Bloomberg-backed "Moms Demand A…
Bouck Talks School Safety on "Montana Talks"
Should teachers be allowed to carry concealed weapons? Do we need more school resource officers? What is being done already to increase security in Billings schools? We'll talk about all that and more as School District 2 Superintendent Terry Bouck joins us Monday morning on "Montana Talks…
Pols Talk Mental Health
Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school has most of Montana’s congressional delegation and 2018 federal candidates speaking about mental health reform, but few supporting any kind of gun control. The 19-year-old Florida gunman– with a legally purchase…
Monday on "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint
Why the US government and a mom from Kalispell are telling you NOT to use a cell phone made by this Chinese company. Plus, we'll cover the 6 common media myths about gun control. Steve Moore joins us from The Heritage Foundation. And we'll check in with Love INC in Billings.

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