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Gianforte Already a Breath of Fresh Air in Helena
Hertz is right. But you could also make the argument that Gianforte is already a breath of fresh air in Helena following 16 years of Democrat control. Here's what I think Gianforte is already doing to show he wants to bring people together to move Montana down the right path.
Montana Flag Replaced by LGBT Flag at Capitol
The Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives says the Montana state flag has been removed from outside the capitol building, and replaced with a rainbow LGBT flag, apparently at the direction of Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT). Bullock is one of 23 Democrat candidates for president, and one of the …
Speaker of the House Greg Hertz on Montana Talks
What are his priorities for the 2019 session? How will he work with Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) who seems more focused on campaigning for president than on issues in the state capitol? And, will the Republicans stay united like we saw in the 2017 special session? Listen to what Speaker Hertz …