Covid-Released Inmate Already Back in Jail
The liberal Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court called on the jails and detention centers in Montana to release inmates due to concerns over the coronavirus. Guess what? At least one of the inmates released from jail is already back behind bars. Shocker!
Cool Update: E. Montana Hospital Gets a Special Delivery
Shortly after our show, we got a phone call from the hospital in Glendive, Montana. They heard about the free hand sanitizer, and wanted to know how they could get their hands on it. We linked them up with our friends at WildRye Distilling, and before you knew it- hand sanitizer was on it's way…
Deadly Glendive Fire
The Billings Gazette reports one person died in a structure fire late Tuesday north of Glendive, according to Dawson County officials. The Montana State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the incident, along with the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office, county attorney…

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