glacier national park

Howe Ridge Fire 10 Percent Contained
The Howe Ridge fire, which has forced evacuations on the west side of Glacier National Park, has now burned over 11,500 acres and remains just 10 percent contained as of reports late Sunday. Q2 reports that fire managers say the blaze has grown following the arrival of gusty winds...
Super Scoopers Fight Howe Ridge Blaze
Q2 reports that two Canadian CL-215 water-scooping planes have been deployed as key tools in fighting the Howe Ridge fire and protecting Glacier National Park from future wildfires. The Super Scoopers are on loan from Canada, and each aircraft has two 600-gallon tanks capable of skimming 1,200 gallo…
Howe Ridge Fire Grows
The Howe Ridge fire burning on the west side of Glacier National Park grew nearly 1,000 acres in one day, according to fire managers. An infrared overflight provided updated mapping of the fire perimeter, showing that the blaze now measures 3,500 acres...
Camping with Barbara Bush in Bear Country
But this summer day would be another story. As Barbara Bush explained in her memoir, “George decided that we should go camping in Glacier National Park in Montana. I was thrilled as I had never visited a national park. George also decided that we would sleep in a tent in the woods.”

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