A Fundraiser For Police Body Cameras?
After not seeing any action on providing Billings police with body cameras we are considering raising the money ourselves. We would need 1000 people to contribute 100$, thats it. I know that the people of billings support things they believe are worth it...
Mother of Ryan White to Speak in Billings
Ryan White was one of the first faces to represent the AIDS epidemic in the 80's. Up until his diagnosis, the disease was largely considered isolated to gay men and little was known about how it was transmitted. Ryan contracted the HIV virus in 1984 through tainted blood he received in a transf…
Horses gallop Into Billings
Four horses have taken up residence under Skypoint in downtown Billings and plan to hold court in that location until the end of August.
No one is complaining; in fact, the horses have become a popular attraction in the heart of downtown.

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