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State Removes Fergus County Case from COVID Tracker
The State of Montana has now officially dropped the Fergus County case from their COVID-19 case count in Montana. Plus, the total number of active cases in the state has now dropped all the way down to 30 according to the state's website late Tuesday morning.
Now That We Know Who Had Sex With Who...
If you were willing to file a lawsuit to find out which Billings police officers had sex on the job (or on city property), why not file a lawsuit to find out why $3 million in state settlements have been paid out by state government?
Gun Owners of America on Montana Talks Thursday
Coming up on Thursday's "Montana Talks" radio show with Aaron Flint: as the gun control debate heats up on Capitol Hill, and anti-gun front groups push a school walkout in Billings- we'll talk with Tim Macy from the Gun Owners of America. Plus, over $300,000 in settlements with s…