Frank Miele

Frank Miele Speaking at Pachyderm in Kalispell on Friday
"If Donald Trump’s presidency should have taught Republicans anything at all, it is that surrendering to Democrats is a fool’s game. They are not your friends, they are not the country’s friends, and you owe them nothing. Or as we say in Montana, 'Mama, don’t le…
Rioters Kill Black Officer, Destroy Black Businesses
It is the rioters themselves who now have their knees on the necks of innocent black business owners. Now an innocent black man was murdered in Oakland, because of the color of his uniform. These rioters aren't seeking justice they're seeing to destroy this country.
KPAX Confirms: Glacier Removing Climate Warning Signs
As we first told you on our Montana Talks radio show last Summer, officials at Glacier National Park were removing signs warning that the glaciers would be gone by 2020 due to climate change. Why? Well, because 2020 was quickly approaching, and unlike their climate predictors predicted...the glacier…
Coup: Miele's Must-Read Piece at Real Clear Politics
"But how exactly has Trump acted oppressively or dangerously? By delivering an economy that has resulted in historically low unemployment? By demanding the respect of all nations for the mission of the United States as a defender of freedom? By working to expose the corrupt underbelly of the Wa…
The Flathead's Frank Miele Continues to Deliver
Check out the letter Frank Miele just got from the White House. He was the longtime editor of The Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell. Now, he's the hard-hitting commentator writing for, and locally with his Heartland Diary USA blog.
Socialism, Gender, and the Montana Democrats Convention
On Monday, I caught up with the Flathead's Frank Miele over breakfast at Sykes Diner in Kalispell. Miele now has his own Heartland Diary USA blog, which recently got quoted by Rush Limbaugh. We talked everything from Trump, to Socialism, the transgender movement, and the Montana Democrat Party …
Miele: Build That Wall
Retired Major General Paul Vallely has a plan for securing the border. He shared his thoughts with The Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell. We'll get to that, but first- here's a must-read column by The Inter Lake's editor Frank Miele.