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Selfie Culture: Young People Now Using Cosmetic Botox?
The selfie culture is apparently driving young people to cosmetic botox in double digit numbers, according to a new study. Thanks to our friends at Fox News Radio, Cosmetic Aesthetic Nurse Chelsee Maxwell joined us live on Montana Talks to talk about this issue. Click below for audio:

UK Prime Minister Theresa May on the Ropes?
After more than a year of tense negotiations, a Brexit breakthrough: Britain’s Prime Minister says she’s secured a divorce deal with the European Union, two years and five months after voters in the UK opted to quit the EU in a referendum. But Theresa May must now get the proposal thro…
AUDIO: Montana Fire Crews Headed to California
What is waiting for these Montana firefighters once they hit boots on ground in California? Aaron Flint spoke with Fox News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal from California on Tuesday's "Montana Talks" with her assessment of what is already being called the deadliest in the state's…