Photos: Navy SEAL Survives Florida Plane Crash
The Montana man who survived a Florida plane crash is giving credit to the heroic neighbors who came to his aid. Tim Sheehy is a Navy SEAL and Bozeman, Montana businessman who previously received the Purple Heart, among other decorations.
Hannity Calls Out CNN's Acosta
Free speech for me, but not for thee. That appears to be Jim Acosta's response to his Trump-fan critics who heckled the CNN reporter during a Florida Trump rally. Acosta criticized his critics via Twitter, which prompted this response from Hannity.
Montana Is At Good Odds For A UFO Sighting?
Here's a trip on the wild side for ya! Apparently, chances of seeing a UFO in Montana are higher than most states according to Casino.Org. They just calculated the chances of seeing a UFO in all 50 states and the Treasure State made the Top 10 list.
Is There Ever Too Many Lights Billings?
I am one for the big show. Lots of lights, computerized music that runs the light show and plenty of decorations. I actually feel really behind this year because we haven't done that much with our house. Nonetheless, we are decorated, the lights are up and have been ever since Thanksgiving...