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In Montana: Obama's Tribe Endorses Trump with Powerful Message
This was the big national news on Monday that seemingly got missed: the same tribe that adopted former President Barack Obama into their tribe back in 2008 (and then got nothing from the Obama/Biden Administration for 8 years), is now the same tribe backing President Donald Trump's re-election.…
VP Mike Pence in Belgrade, Montana [FULL VIDEO]
The vice president, speaking before an outdoor crowd at the Big Yellow Barn in Belgrade, Montana, hammered Joe Biden and Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock for failing to stand up for law enforcement, for embracing the radical left, and for seeking to destroy American energy jobs through a carbon tax.
Crow Say Grant Money Used on Tribal Elections
The United States Department of Interior’s Inspector General, published a report December 11, 2018, that the Bureau of Indian Affairs requested an audit of the Crow Tribe’s methamphetamine initiative program. Crow Tribe officials were unable to account for a $150,000 …
Crow Tribe Reviewing U.S. Audit
Montana’s Crow Indian Tribe says it’s reviewing a U.S. audit saying it misused $4.8 million intended for water system improvements and can’t fully account for an additional $7.8 million paid to subcontractors and vendors. The government findings releas…

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