VIDEO: Gianforte Slams Washington Gov on Coal
Congressman Greg Gianforte (R-MT) politely, but directly, laid into Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) during a congressional hearing earlier this week. Meanwhile, the Seattle press mock Inslee (a 2020 Dem presidential contender) for his response.
Climate Hypocrite? MSNBC Calls Out Washington Gov
So, to break it down for you: this is the guy who wants to shut down Colstrip- a major job and revenue provider in Montana, due to his concerns about greenhouse gas emissions. Maybe he should focus on his own backyard before trying to trash ours.
Tester Chuckles at AOC's 'Green New Deal'
Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) hasn't been much of an advocate for Crow Coal, or the labor union jobs in Colstrip, Montana. That being said, you gotta at least give him credit for laughing at the craziness which is known as the "Green New Deal."
Guest Opinion: Let's Look at the Facts on Colstrip
Those who wish to see the Colstrip plants close won’t allow the facts to get in the way of negative headline. They tout a huge cleanup figure to promote their goal – full closure and complete reclamation of the Colstrip plant site. By making the cleanup appear to be so costly they hope that the plant owners will have no choice but to shut it down. Distortions of the truth meant to cause fear and scare the public with inflated price tags in order to speed up the plant’s demise are simply irresponsible.

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