Baucus "Unhinged," Compares China Critics to Hitler [VIDEO]
Max Baucus defending China is outrageous in its own right. The fact that Max Baucus used his tenure as Ambassador to China to cash in and land board positions on major Chinese companies like e-commerce giant Alibaba is outrageous in its own right. The latest from former Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) is …
CNN Commentator, Leftists Attack Former Daines Aide
Katie Waldman worked as a press secretary for Sen. Daines. Recently, she was hired by Vice President Mike Pence. But it's her personal life that is making her the subject of despicable attacks by Leftists, Never Trumpers, and at least one CNN commentator.
Must-See: Alan Simpson Goes Off on CNN
Via the Daily Caller: 'Former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming told CNN host Alisyn Camerota to stop critiquing politicians for their past sins and “find some new work,” on “New Day” Tuesday.'

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