Baucus "Unhinged," Compares China Critics to Hitler [VIDEO]
Max Baucus defending China is outrageous in its own right. The fact that Max Baucus used his tenure as Ambassador to China to cash in and land board positions on major Chinese companies like e-commerce giant Alibaba is outrageous in its own right. The latest from former Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) is …
Daines: China and WHO Must Be Held Accountable [AUDIO]
Instead of covering China, too many news outlets appear to be covering for China. That was my reaction when I read the news about this tweet from NBC News. Furthermore, why are so many news outlets covering for the head of the World Health Organization, who was put in power thanks to the Communist C…
Molnar Talks China Trip, Stopped by "Pig Police"
Was he ever afraid during his recent trip into the Chinese countryside? Well, they did get stopped by the "pig police," as Molnar tells us. But don't worry, he's not using a defamatory slang for law enforcement...find out more about that story, and more, in the audio below:

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