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Trump & LVD Break the Liberal Dominance on 9th Circuit
The Montana native and Montana State University alum Lawrence VanDyke (LVD) was confirmed for the 9th Circuit of Appeals...but you already knew that. Here's the big news: with LVD's confirmation on the 9th Circuit, President Trump has taken the liberal dominance of the 9th Circuit and torn…
Did ABA Violate Conduct Rules Attacking VanDyke?
Did the American Bar Association violate their own policies when attacking Montana's former Solicitor General Lawrence VanDyke? Plus, attorneys interviewed by the ABA are also telling Fox News that they were shocked by the ABA's evaluation of VanDyke.
VanDyke Tears Up Following Shameful ABA Attack [VIDEO]
An unbelievable, shameful attack on a good man. That's how US Senators described the attack on former Montana Solicitor General Lawrence VanDyke by the biased American Bar Association (ABA). VanDyke has been nominated by President Trump to serve on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Check out th…