Budget Bill Passes Montana House
Republicans in the Montana House pushed through the legislative session’s major budget bill Thursday, saying they had funded “essential services” and kept the budget in balance without a tax increase.  KTVQ.com reports the house voted 59-41 in favor, setting up a final vote today before the $10 billion, two-year budget measure heads to the Senate, where it’s expected to see some changes... Read Mo
Budget Projections Will Challenge Next Governor
Dismal budget projections are going to make life tougher for whoever is elected Montana governor in 2016.  Declining revenues and climbing costs will present a challenge for the governor to balance the budget and fulfill campaign promises — such as funding infrastructure projects, offering public preschool, or reducing property tax rates...
Montana Libraries Losing Databases
The Montana State Library found out it would be losing expected tax revenue for the current 2015-17 budget, and in mid-May, another $166,000 was cut.  As revenue directed to Montana libraries from the coal severance tax decline, public and school libraries will lose access to a collection of research databases...
MSUB Experiencing An Enrollment Decline
Montana State University Billings officials have compiled an early budget draft for the upcoming school year, in a period of deep cuts due to declining enrollment. The university is on track to complete its two-year, $4.4 million budget reduction...
There's Some Explaining To Do
Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s Budget Director Dan Villa has been busy the past two days, trying to answer questions about the recent audit of the Department of Administration’s financial reporting.

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