ashley harada

Harada Sworn In
Q2 reports Ashley Harada, one of two recently added District Court judges in Yellowstone County, was sworn in Wednesday afternoon. Former U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull administered the oath of office to Judge Harada, saying “She’s going to be a great judge,” Harada worked with Cebull for nine years, adding “She’s going to exhibit integrity, honesty and fairness,” Harada thanked her family and
Recount Update: HD 51 and Yellowstone County Judge Race
Republican Frank Fleming (R-Billings) held on to survive a recount, and remained as the victor on the House District 51 race for the Montana legislature. So what about the other recount requested in Yellowstone county: the judicial race between Ashley Harada and Juli Pierce. That recount is expected to start Wednesday afternoon and last through Friday. Listen below for full details.
Yellowstone Judge and Montana House Races Could Go to Recount
Ever wonder if your one vote really matters? Well, MTN News reports Cascade County Republican Lola Sheldon-Galloway now leads Democratic candidate for the Montana House Laura Dever by a mere 14 votes– 1,882 to 1,868– after provisional ballots were counted Tuesday afternoon in the race for House District 22 in Great Falls...