Amelia Marquez

DSA Candidates Threaten Dem Primaries in Billings
I actually jumped on the radio in defense of a couple Democrat lawmakers from Billings, Montana a couple weeks ago. State Senators Jen Gross (D-Billings) and Kathy Kelker (D-Billings) were being attacked for working with an organization that opposed Medicare for All to draft an op-ed that ran in state newspapers. So what?
Indy: Meet the Dem Socialists in Billings, Montana
One of the candidates, Amelia Marquez, celebrated the placement of an "abolish ICE" banner that was hung over the interstate between Billings and Laurel on the 4th of July. Not only is Amelia Marquez a self-described "Democrat Socialist," Amelia is also a transgender candidate who grew up as Alonzo Marquez.