I don't know how family gatherings go with your loved ones.  In my family we have a 50-50 chance of a fight normally depending on who showed up and if they showed up on time.  Some of the elders in my family despise tardiness.

This year I thought it might be a good idea to help everyone loosen up a little bit.  Found a great recipe to spike the cranberry sauce.  Now, that being said, keep it away from the kids table.  They should have their own non-spiked cranberry sauce at the kids table.  Just like you won't set the wine at their table, you shouldn't put this cranberry sauce at their table either.

This recipe seems easy enough, even if your a little cooking challenged like me. I figure this will help everyone loosen up and maybe get along better or yes, it could have the opposite affect.  I will try anything once.  Let's just hope a crazy uncle doesn't realize it's spiked before the meal.  Otherwise I'll have to explain to grandma why uncle blah blah has eaten all the cranberry sauce and is now sick in the bathroom.