All of the snow and cold weather hasn’t slowed down Missoula’s crime rate. Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst says her office handled a bunch of new felony cases this past week.

"Many of those were crimes against people," said Pabst. "We had an assault on a minor, which is a felony. A violation of an order of protection. Assault with a weapon, Surreptitious visual observation. There was a sexual assault on a child, two aggravated assaults and one standard assault. With those people crimes, we really don't like to see the numbers that high and we are doing every thing we can to respond appropriately."

Multiple people were prosecuted in association with a theft-ring this week, some of whom folks were addicted to methamphetamine, a drug which seems to be plaguing the criminal justice system.

"There were multiple cases involving substance abuse," Pabst said. "Seven new felony drug cases filed this week, a lot of them involved either distribution or intent to distribute. We had three repeat DUI Cases, two of which were felonies, as well as multiple, multiple other casesl, including the theft ring."

All in all, the county attorney’s office processed 34 felony cases over the week, which Pabst says is “close” to a record high.