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DAPL Ruling a Gift to Vladimir Putin [AUDIO]
It's crazy enough that the radical Left and activist judges want to stop pipelines from being built here in America, but to order the shutdown of a pipeline that is already up and running? The latest ruling from an Obama-appointed judge in Washington, DC comes in the midst of the COVID-induced …
Why Aren’t Dems Speaking in Support of Police? [AUDIO]
Why aren't leading Montana Democrats speaking out in support of the great men and women in Montana law enforcement amdist all of these attacks on our police? Even here in Montana, there are calls to defund the police and to remove school resource officers from our schools...
Flathead Wasn't the Only Trump Boat Parade in MT
I heard there was going to be a big "Trump Boat Parade" on Flathead Lake on the 4th of July. I wasn't able to make it to Flathead Lake for the 4th, but while I was hanging out on the Stillwater River outside Columbus, Montana I got to see a Trump parade after all.
Wounded Warrior Gets New Home in Bozeman
A wounded warrior in Bozeman has a brand new custom-built smart home thanks to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Army Sergeant Saul Martinez was one of two veterans to receive a new home just in time for Independence Day weekend.
Huge School Choice Supreme Court Win for Montana [AUDIO]
The Montana Family Foundation's Jeff Laszloffy called it a "huge win" for Montana taxpayers, school choice advocates, and religious liberties. This, after the US Supreme Court overturned a ruling by the Montana Supreme Court which effectively discriminated against faith-based …

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