What's going on?

St. V's Recognized for Being "Baby Friendly"
If you want to get a lump in your throat real fast, have someone show you the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings. Now, St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings is being recognized not just for how they help babies in need, …
Even CNN Doesn't Want to Cover Climate Change
I think we've all had enough of the climate change lectures, and the climate change alarmists telling us that we need to stop eating burgers and drinking out of straws. But maybe this whole debate has become the last straw for CNN too.
Now Open: Faster Option to Renew Your License
I just popped in there during the noon hour and got my driver's license renewed in no time, with no wait, at MVD Express Montana near Costco in Billings. The DMV may be closed for Columbus Day, but MVD Express is open till 6. Get your REAL ID and your title work all in the same location.
Tester Downplays USMCA, Walks Back Biden Remarks
Instead of downplaying the USMCA, Tester and Congressional Democrats need to quit sitting on it and get the job done. As for an investigation of the Bidens: Tester answered right the full time. Then his handlers told him the answer he was supposed to give.
Montanans Leading Fight Against Human Trafficking
One grew up in Billings and became an Air Force pararescueman before joining the CIA. The other grew up in Whitefish before becoming a Navy SEAL. Together, they're using tools built to track down terrorists- to now track down the vile human traffickers.
That Congressman Can Hunt...
We all know that Congressman Greg Gianforte is quite the hunter, and a life member of the National Rifle Association. But even for a lifelong sportsman, getting a moose tag is quite a big deal, and then actually landing a moose is an even bigger deal.
And the Hits Keep on Coming...
When I drove into our Montana Talks radio show studio early Wednesday AM, the ground was basically dry. Now look at the view from the top floor of the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Billings:
Shop Class Has a New Meaning in Montana [AUDIO]
Every kid in Montana doesn't need to get a four year liberal arts degree. We need more trades education in our high schools. We need skilled workers to fill all of the jobs that are available in the state. That's what I hear all across Montana.
WATCH: Montanans at White House for Japan Deal
Montana rancher Fred Wacker will be in attendance at the White House Monday afternoon as President Donald Trump is set to formally sign the Japan trade deal, according to an advisory sent out by Senator Steve Daines' (R-MT) office.
The Red (Meat) Scare
News outlets and Aaron jumped on this international study that said the health advantage from eating less red meat was minimal to barely there.