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Climate Hypocrite? MSNBC Calls Out Washington Gov
So, to break it down for you: this is the guy who wants to shut down Colstrip- a major job and revenue provider in Montana, due to his concerns about greenhouse gas emissions. Maybe he should focus on his own backyard before trying to trash ours.
Video: Montana's Medal of Honor Family
We heard the news earlier this week that a Bozeman, Montana native will receive the nation's highest military honor. His family was featured in this incredible video produced by the US Army. Watch the full video below.
DEQ: Proposed Mine Goes Above and Beyond Water Standards
Not only does the proposed mine near White Sulphur Springs follow the law- the backers of the proposed Black Butte Copper mine are going "above and beyond" when it comes to environmental protection. And that's according to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality under the libe…
UM Neuro Injury Center Event to Help Veterans
An event to help veterans with post traumatic stress is coming up later this month in Billings. The University of Montana Neuro Injury Center event will take place at the Billings Clinic on March 23rd and will feature neuro doctors, university researchers, and veterans- including the Vice President …
Photos/Audio: Billings Mayor at the White House
Billings Mayor Bill Cole was at the White House as President Trump signed an executive order designed to help combat the high number of veteran suicides. Mayor Cole joined us on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint to talk about the visit.
Longtime Pence Spokesman Reacts to Bullock Remarks
Marc Lotter, a top Trump campaign official, and longtime spokesman to Vice President Mike Pence joined us on Montana Talks. We got a preview of his speech, plus- what does he have to say about Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT), who refused to call VP Pence a "decent guy" when asked about it on the…
Bullock Won't Say if VP Pence is a "Decent Guy"
This is apparently how low our political discourse has fallen. We've all had friends from the other side of the aisle. There's good people on all sides of the debate. We just disagree. This is a principle quickly abandoned by Gov Steve Bullock (D-MT) as he desperately tries to run for the …
Ag Secretary Perdue Takes Shot at Bud Light
“I don’t know if you all watched the Super Bowl at all, but there was a commercial on there and talking about some products some of you corn growers may have produced. And they [Bud Light] don’t use it anymore. Well guess what? I don’t use theirs…
"Turn the Ship Around" Author Coming to Montana
David Marquet is the author of "Turn the Ship Around," and he's coming to Montana. And he's not just coming for a speech, he's part of a daylong workshop focused on "intent based leadership" thanks to the Veterans Business Outreach Center and the Big Sky EDA in Bil…
Not Interested: Bullock Declines Schumer on Senate Run
When it comes to Gov. Steve Bullock's (D-MT) plans in 2020, Glenn Thrush with the New York Times offers what seems to be the most revealing piece yet. By the way, Glenn Thrush will join Aaron Flint on Tuesday's Montana Talks to chat about this story live on statewide radio.
Top Trump Campaign Official on Montana Talks
A top Trump campaign official joins us on Thursday's Montana Talks statewide radio show with Aaron Flint. Marc Lotter is the keynote speaker for the Gallatin County Republican Lincoln Reagan Dinner on March 16th at the GranTree Inn in Bozeman.
Pelosi House Advances Gun Control Measure
The Nancy Pelosi-led House of Representatives is advancing gun control legislation on Capitol Hill. Congressman Greg Gianforte today voted against the measure earlier this week: "A dangerous step toward a national gun registry"