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Veterans Meat Locker Giveaway Coming to Yellowstone County
The last time I was inside Miller's Horse Palace was for a big archery competition that was taking place there. They have another archery shoot coming up, and it's in honor of a fallen warrior from Montana who is beloved by many across the state- Master Sgt. McNary from Lewistown.
Big Labor Loses Their Bogeyman in Montana
So there you have it labor unions. You lost your favorite bogeyman. Any excuse you had for union members to vote for the Democrat party in Montana is now gone. Maybe now you can speak up for actual labor union workers who are being put out of work by Joe Biden and the Democrats.
Travis Tritt Plays Tim Montana's Latest at the Grand Ole Opry
I don't know about you- I never liked cigarette smoke (cigars are another story) but there is something very nostalgic about this incredibly well-written song. It's a song about how times have changed. How neighbors used to just drop by and say hi. When you'd hang out on your front po…
Montana Legislature Eyes National Heritage Area Designations
If a national heritage area designation were to occur in Montana, the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) believes any such proposal should first gain the support of the state legislature. The Stockgrowers are backing a bill by Representative Josh Kassmier (R-Fort Benton) that would require just…
Pro Life Measures Moving Forward in Montana
What a contrast. The Montana Legislature is moving forward to put in place reasonable restrictions on abortion (as much as many of you would like to see it ended entirely). Meanwhile, President Biden put forward a nominee to lead the Health & Human Services Department who couldn't even stat…

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