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Impeachment Embarrassment Forces Deal on USMCA [AUDIO]
Congressional Democrats are finally being forced to cave on the USMCA as a result of the embarrassment of the impeachment inquiry. That was my reaction LIVE on the radio on Tuesday morning, after the news was announced that House Democrats had finally reached an agreement on the US-Mexico-Canada Agr…
She Just Took a DNA Test...Turns Out...
Well, cue up the Lizzo song, cause Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test, turns out- she's not even close to being Native American. But we already knew that. And, after repeatedly lying about being Native American, Senator Warren is now attempting another apology on the campaign trail.
Coup: Miele's Must-Read Piece at Real Clear Politics
"But how exactly has Trump acted oppressively or dangerously? By delivering an economy that has resulted in historically low unemployment? By demanding the respect of all nations for the mission of the United States as a defender of freedom? By working to expose the corrupt underbelly of the Wa…
Twice Paralyzed, Montana Woman Climbing Kilimanjaro
Imagine being paralyzed, unable to walk- but then regaining the ability to walk, just to lose that ability all over again. Not only has Starla stayed positive through it all, she's helped so many others in the process. And now she is literally climbing to new heights.
Bullock Drops Out of Presidential Race
Last week Governor Steve Bullock was mocked as the "out of towner" governor. This week, he's calling it quits. Bullock is officially ending his presidential race. And he's not running for the US Senate either. (According to a spokesperson at least)
Molnar Talks China Trip, Stopped by "Pig Police"
Was he ever afraid during his recent trip into the Chinese countryside? Well, they did get stopped by the "pig police," as Molnar tells us. But don't worry, he's not using a defamatory slang for law enforcement...find out more about that story, and more, in the audio below:
Out-of-State Governor Knocked in New Ad
I remember this tweet from early October by Matt Volz with the Associated Press. He was pointing out, at the time, that Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) had been outside the state of Montana for "68 of the last 130 days." It was all due to Bullock's presidential pipe dream, of course.
Legislation Backing First Responders Stalled in House
For the past few weeks, impeachment supporters in the US House of Representatives have been telling us that they can do both- they can focus on the impeachment proceedings, and they can work on important legislation. Then why is a bill supporting wounded first responders languishing in the Pelosi-co…
Open Letter: Scobey Harvest Woes
"My little town of Scobey, MT is already suffering. I guarantee that every little town in this corner of the world is going to suffer, and some of the businesses will die."