The serial offender who reportedly treated women “like roadkill” will spend the next eight years in prison for running over a woman who was walking with her fiance in a crosswalk, killing her instantly.  53-year-old Joseph Curtis Morrison of Lame Deer, a man with a history of violence and seven drunken driving convictions, was given the statutory maximum by U.S. District Judge Susan Watters on Tuesday.
Morrison pleaded guilty on Aug. 1, the day his jury trial was to begin, to involuntary manslaughter as charged in an indictment.  Prosecutors accused Morrison of driving recklessly on Aug. 27, 2015 when he killed 49-year-old Daisy Ann Rowland.  Judge Watters called the circumstances “very egregious” and said it was an “understatement” to say the victim died a violent and painful death.  Morrison reportedly drove up onto a curb around vehicles at the intersection, struck Rowland, dragged her body and took off.