Veterans of World War II and the Vietnam War were decorated by U.S. Senator Jon Tester on Wednesday at the Judge Jameson Federal Building.  In an intimate ceremony in Billings, Tester read the biographies of the three veterans: Gorvan Le Duc and Thomas Huff who served in World War II; and Ron Sims, a veteran of the Vietnam War.
Le Duc was born in 1920 in Ontario, Canada and served in the Merchant Marines.  Notable among the six medals awarded were the Victory Medal and the Mariner’s Medal.  Le Duc’s medals were awarded posthumously to his widow and son.  Huff was born in 1922 in Moore, Montana and was drafted into the military in 1943.  His medals included the Bronze Star and the Good Conduct Medal.  Sims was born in 1950 in Lewistown.  He received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.
Tester thanked the brave veterans for their service.