Costs are ramping up in the battle against the Roaring Lion Fire and have passed the two million dollar mark. According to Fire Information Officer Mike Cole firefighting efforts on Wednesday paid off and the fire was mostly kept at bay with no new destroyed structures or injuries.

"We're at 7,129 acres, that will adjust a little bit from day to day as we get better mapping on the ground," Cole said. We're at seven percent containment, so we're feeling comfortable with a little bit of the area of the fire, but we still have a lot of work to do. It tried a few times, but it never really did develop a big plume of smoke [Wednesday] so that was good news, it let us keep the aircraft running all day."

Cole says the cost of fighting the fire have gone up steadily since the Type 1 incident management team took over.

"Whenever you have aircraft in particular the price goes up real fast," Cole said. "As of last night [Wednesday, August 3] we were at 2,000,125. We have 629 personnel assigned to the fire right now, that has jumped dramatically. We've got engines to go in and do structure protection, heavy equipment to construct dozer lines... as all of that stuff comes in it starts adding up real fast."

If 600 firefighters on a single blaze seems like a lot, Cole says its about average for big fires in the west these days and says he has worked on fires with over 2,000 firefighters.