An Oregon man, Francisco Guitierrez,appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Friday, charged with three felony drug charges involving the sale and distribution of methamphetamine and heroin.

Guitierrez, 21, was part of a group of suspects under investigation by the Northwest Drug Task Force that began in May after a warrant was issued for an undercover operation in Missoula. The goal, according to court documents, was for two law enforcement agents to purchase meth from an individual named Timothy Pine, and/or any of Pine's co-conspirators.

The first meet on May 12 netted a sale of methamphetamine valued at $6,000. The second meeting was also held in Missoula on June 4, this time involving a half-pound of methamphetamine valued at $10,000.

Guitierrez, also known as Gomez, admitted he was not a U.S. citizen. He was arrested in the company of a female with an eight year-old child that was strapped into a car seat of a 1996 Honda. After obtaining a search warrant, officers located four screws on the back of the car seat. After removing the screws, they found a plastic bag containing a full pound of meth, along with a smaller baggie containing heroin.

In justice court, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mac Bloom asked Judge Marie Anderson for $20,000 bail. After hearing from the public defender at the jail that Guitierrez had no means to post bail, Anderson remanded him to the jail on $15,000 bail.

The charges of criminal sale and distribution of dangerous drugs carry a sentence of from one year to life in prison, with a fine of up to $50,000.

His next court appearance will be June 19.